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30 November 2016 @ 01:26 am

See that photo over there?
That’s how far I am from you
But hopefully somehow, somewhere
I’ll be able to meet you.

Do I seem crazy to other people?
I bet I am, but I don’t mind that wall
My intention to meet you is not that shallow
For my heart is not that hollow.

To me you’re not just an idol
You’re one extraordinary person
Every move of yours makes me fall
It makes me want to watch you on and on.

Your smile is like therapy
When I’m down, I look at you and instantly become happy
And whenever you do your best in something
I always tell myself I can also do anything.

It’s been nine years
But I still look at you the same way
You always take away my fears
So to meet you, to God I pray.

Words are not enough
Explaining what I feel is tough
But one thing is for sure:
My love for you is pure.


Happy 23rd birthday my ultimate inspiration! Stay happy!

[© ppptomiyuppp]