In that place we reached, there was your smile.

A serious Tegoshi Yuya post.

I just finished watching Itte Q!’s segment for Tegoshi entitled “No Chara Life” in Cambodia - a segment wherein they want Tegoshi to leave his chara (flashy) life for 3 days and 2 nights in a self-sustaining village in a lake and do some self-reflection.

Even though his co-hosts were laughing at almost everything he said, I believe he was serious in what he was saying, especially his reflections during those 3 days:

“I basically live my life without regrets from not doing something.”

“It’s not humans who play with cellphones. It’s cellphones playing with us humans.”

“Rather than having superficial "likes,” I think it’s better to have sceneries or memories engraved in our hearts instead.“

"Humans will betray humans, but dogs will never betray humans.”

After hearing those words, I remembered what I believe was his most fragile period - the one during NEVERLAND Tour with all the issues and scandals, and most especially during QUARTETTO Tour when his father passed away. Behind those contagious smiles are countless tears, heavy feelings and tons of hard work. 

But the one thing that he’s probably really sad of is his father not being able to watch him perform live. In QUARTETTO and NEVERLAND performances of Sakura Girl, he was always looking up - singing to his father his most favorite NEWS song.

Now I am absolutely confident that I am following the right person.

PS Thanks to chiseen for subbing the video!


I just want to pat your head and tell you that you’ve done well. Now I’m even prouder to tell the world that you are my inspiration.

One in a million


- part of the 11% of the Japanese population who are left-handed
- part of the 0.05% of the Japanese population who have AB-Rh negative blood type
- part of the 10% of the Japanese population with arch fingerprints

Basically, he's a rare existence

GReeeeN will have their own version of U R not alone in their new album!

It's the second song that they wrote for NEWS. The first one was weeeek. They also recorded their own version of weeeek.


NEVERLAND is the best album and concert so far. The tracklist and setlist are magical, especially the one closest to my heart, U R not alone.

Thank you, NEWS. Thank you for always being here for us. Keep in mind that we are also here for you.



It may seem like an ordinary photo but it’s really special for me.

I was inside the Church earlier, talking to Him about life and everything happening to me. After a while, a couple entered and sat on the rightmost part of the rows in front of me.

I don’t know why but I had a feeling that the guy will propose to his girlfriend. When I looked at them again, the guy was kneeling and the girl was wearing a ring already! They were crying, and I felt the joy and excitement through the looks in their eyes.

They are not related to me but I was really happy for them. It was the first time I witnessed something so pure. It’s as if He was telling me that there is still something as wonderful as love in this world.

Congratulations, and best wishes to the two of you!

Change is coming!

After OOR's Ambitions Tour Manila leg and new song release 「Change」―

JE lifted the internet photo ban for their talents! No more omitting of their faces in internet news!




Thank you for giving me that overwhelming boost of confidence! Now I'm even more motivated to finish what I started!

Thank you for always coming back! 'Til next time ONE OK ROCK!


I feel incomplete
More Magi please
I wish the story never ends

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Everything must come to an end.

I want to cry. I just finished reading the most amazing manga I've ever read.

Magi made me feel all sorts of emotions and made me rethink about many things. It was such a life-changing manga. Thank you for this adventure, Aladdin. Thank you, Ohtaka Shinobu-sensei.

PS I will terribly miss Kouha 😞


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